Woman’s hands makes shape : Fashion or Freedom

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  • Priyanka Yadav.

No one is born Birder. But woman has the quality of being so, as woman’s hand resemble like bird. When women assemble both hands display like flying bird. Prematurely, the idea of mine holds on flying was like flapping my arms in vain experimenting to become an airborne beings. We are not in fact born with bird-loving gene. E.O. Wilson, the eminent biologist, has described “biophilia.” It is the innate bond between human and other living beings.

The feather sign of hand was the cauldron of intense emotions that nurtured my nature. My affinity for linking feather symbol of hand towards factual life of the women. What my affinity is, “decorate your hand to accomplish triumph rather to decorate hands for fashion.” It may be fun-fashion but for me the feather symbol is stalwart and jacked with my own persuade. To me hand feather favour freedom feather, that means :

  • Thoughts subconsciously shaping a belief as to who we are and the choices we will make throughtout our lives.
  • Self-awareness is the key to freedom and what fulfillment is to happiness.
  • Getting to pursue what you want in life.
  • Less need of materialistic in life.
  • No space for useless suggestions.
  • No more irrevelant questions.
  • Being unbounded in one state of mind as freedom is a state of mind.
  • Being responsible for the consequences of my decisions.
  • Build belief that I can take care of myself, irrespective of the circumstances makes me free.
  • To expect nothing, and to depend on nothing.

The day of your success, affection or fondness of academical dress with flying bird will adore you like fulfillment of dream you and your family had ever. When you feel the labor of love of your father, there you realize the freedom of bird inside you and get the true meaning of hands symbolizing bird. The prestige you have had achieved will take you to the top the Moon. Later don’t let your children to take time in realizing that freedom feather we all women have inside us, start exploring the achieved perceive and escalate like mushrooming everywhere. Put and proliferate the feather on children’s arm and elevate, inspire them. The term feral as opposed to domesticated for animal means any creature that does live with or depend on humans for survival is feral.

Human can be free without being wild, and vice versa. It depends on how you want to live your life. Naturally also there is no difference in structure or potential in feather to fe/male. So, symbol of fly of bird also portrait the Equality in children. Lets engage self in being representative of feeling the feather of freedom. So, engage this freedom in nourishing our present to feel proud in future. Manifest your dream and bring good omen to life for the positive essence in the process of success.

Decorated hand resemble caged birds like peacock, parrot aiming married woman who get grounded in the name of tradition like covered statue. Those women even don’t have their own identity, get to color hand for the payer and  in laws.

In contrast, other than decorated hand resemble free flying bird, independent, self-owning identity, getting color hand with achieved success and influencing others with own essence of success.

From here, select and make your mindset what you want Fashion or Freedom? Right from now involve in the cycle ride where your hand holding handlebar (steering) and foot on pedal that will take you to the gate of success.

That trend in mind and including in activity will leads you to the path of your success you’ve ever dreamed of because Failure is never final .

The more you try and fall, the more innovation you’ll find in you; work in silence and let your success sounds that struggle you have come across.

There is only Three people who will never be jealous of your success i.e. You, Teacher and Parents. Let two people guide you and use you of yourself to follow them. As the cliff of tower you’ll find yourself complete and there you’ll acknowledge them. This cycle of teaching/nourishing always revolve. This is called External Return.

Talking in realizing the feather of freedom in you, somehow brings a word Emancipating. Asking your parents emancipating you at the age of 16 years old with change definition that must not hurt parents’ moral, there must include respect to parents, and stay with parents. Don’t ask for separation in property, ask for care, suggestion and fulfillment of betterment to your life, just confined this word emancipation to this limit. It’s possible to become emancipated staying with family, caring them, and get being cared/nourished in the process of making life of sky bird. Ask them not to get you married before reaching the top of dreamed success not the age of majority. Live your life of liberty being in the shadow of parents. Here remember the act of karma, the way you will treat your parents in the name of emancipation, the same will happen to you in your time. Parents forgive, Karma never forgive.

For instance, the dove logo in brand also signifies to peace, purity, and gentleness. Another instance, duck look protective, and create emotional comfort for the viewers. Therefore, every bird have their own essence that explores to the universe.

(Yadav is currently a first year student pursuing B.A.LL.B at Kathmandu School of Law.)

(The author has dedicated this article to her father Rameshwar Ray.)

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