‘Train To Defeat Yourself Despite Hiding Yourself In Dark After Oneself Raped’

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  • Priyanka Yadav.

Rape, ordinarily Molestation is when sensual copulation is non-consensual, this act is felony offense. Rape culture is pervasive. It’s embedded in the way we think, speak, and move in the world.

Rape culture is grounded the way that’s leading us to examine our behaviors and beliefs for biases that permit rape culture to continue.

Every rape piece of world is so very depressed. The punishment that law of consent give to rapist can’t encourage victims in the aspects of how to respond to- and survive- the reality that they are now.

To defend yourself  from the outnumbered and drugged rapist, learn self defense by learning a painful joint lock lesson. Learning and going through this painful joint lock lesson is nothing in front of non-consensual sexual assault.

We all truly agree karate and other self defense stuffs (i.e. pepper spray, a weapon, or whistles) are the answers to rape prevention. It’s your choice being parts of karate classes or part of being victim (is being stripped of choices).

These self defense techniques are useful, you all need it to be a survivor of attempt to rape and to shield girls from sexual assault.

Concerns about the victim’s dress or level of alcohol consumption.

Rape culture questioning:

(Instead of asking: why did he think he had license to rape?)

What were you wearing?

Why were you there?

What did you say?

How much did you drink?

I truly admire this pinterest quote on dresses “It’s not about the size you wear, it’s about how you wear your size.” And “I am changing, for me, and creating a revolution in my own self care.”

Before stepping out, wear confident regarding the out-fit you wear along with carry your karate fight attitude in yourself and self defense stuff in your bag.

Talk to kids about rape survivor:

It is never too late to change your mind and start new beginning. When they are toddlers teachable moment to begin teaching them the values of their body and their wills, decision; respect, compassion for others, and responsibility for their actions, admitting hurt and seeking help.

As per time, talk to them intentionally and began discussion about rape and assault summing up the initial lessons along with teach them empathy and value of others.

This will lead them how to de-escalate situations, as well as the importance of intervention in case of such unusual situations. These lessons also encourage the child to tell the truth, also they should seek forgiveness but can’t force forgiveness.

“Speak out against the root causes” And “Create a culture of enthusiastic consent to broaden your understanding of Rape Culture”.

In order to prevent women and girls being robbed of their rights and autonomy (Female genital mutilation and child marriage), underpin factors of rape culture and the myths surrounding it should be trash first.

In the era of #Times Up, #Wear full covered dress, #Why didn’t she leave? #Laugh at rape and victim, and many other hashtags. Instead listen to victims, tackle the solutions from their mistakes and activists around the globe through Online Movements. Defeat yourself, learn karate and do praise others starting from your family.

Act the way and follow the path, you want your children to be followed.

(Yadav is currently a first year student pursuing B.A.LL.B at Kathmandu School of Law.)

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