The Impact of Nepotism or Favoritism on Education Sector : A Comment

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  • Keshav Gharti Magar.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” Robert Frost

Well, education is the most essential factor to achieve something better. It is normally divided into two types i.e. Formal and Informal. Both education systems contain gaining of knowledge, skills, norms, values and so on through instruction, training, discussion, research etc.

I am talking here about formal education however. Students who are taking formal education in schools, colleges or universities with a determined dream, do want to make progress as much as they can. For this, their secured marks in the exams do matter the most. Thus, criteria for fair evaluation should be framed and strictly be applied.

Evaluating the students accurately may be very challenging and complicated task but they should do their best. Unfortunately, our teachers of schools, colleges and universities take it very easily and gross negligence occurs to students’ future that results in tension and pressure to them.

Principally, the full marks in our examinations is hundred including practical marks. The practical marks vary in accordance with schools/colleges/universities.

Leaving theory marks for a while, let’s begin with practical marks. As we all know, our education system is almost based on theory but somehow there is provision of practical marks which includes internal assignment, attendance, discipline etc. of the students.

From these mentioned activities of students, teachers should give practical marks but ironically matter is teachers give marks as per their desire and which is totally unfair and unjustified. Here, we can take it as Favoritism and Nepotism. The words Favoritism & Nepotism are not new for us however these words are not good in education.

Nepotism itself is favoritism which is granted to family members or relatives in different kinds of fields including Education field. The scope of Favoritism is broader than Nepotism. The application of Both i.e. Nepotism and favoritism in education field is a shameful act but it exists in schools, colleges and even in universities throughout the country.

In the world, all the things can be purchased except knowledge and skills. We can buy certificate or certificate with good marks but not knowledge. So, what is the benefit of doing nepotism and favoritism over here?

I want to clarify how nepotism is done in education field by an example. Let’s consider, ‘A’ is the relatives of Principal of the college & ‘B’ is common student, B is more intelligent than A but A always becomes superior to B due to nepotism.

In entrance examinations or other examinations, the members of schools/colleges/universities give more chance or make their relatives topper/pass.

Despite being more talented than ‘A’, ‘B’ cannot compete with ‘A’. ‘B’ is unable to get a good chance in anything as compared to relatives of members of educational institute. This is how nepotism is done or applied & can be seen in schools/colleges/universities which is very discriminating & disgusting.

Let me mention second example here. Suppose, ‘A’ is talent student & ‘B’ is an average kind of student but in examinations if any teacher gives more marks to ‘B’ then what?

Simple, ‘B’ may get more marks in marksheet but he cannot have more and depth knowledge compared to “A” and cannot show the performance and skills as ‘A’ can in the field. After all what is the value of that marks if ‘B’ can’t expose the talent in the field? So, only the capable students deserve to get more internal/practical marks.

As like practical marks, I’ve known & heard negligence made by teachers in theory marks as well. The teachers give more marks to their favorite students though they(students) are not talent & genius.

Here also, I want to share one incident I’ve known. There was a friend of mine & he had solved only four questions in the examinations but he became pass in that subject. I was astonished after hearing that he became pass. Later, I remembered he was the favorite student of that teacher.

Similarly, there was another friend of mine who was talent but weak in English language. In the same exam, he had solved all the questions & answers were correct too but there were grammatical errors & at last he failed the examinations. All the students were shocked by his result because it was unexpected. After few days, I heard he had many internal problems with that teacher. So, teacher found the reason (Grammatical errors) to cut his marks at any cost & checked his copy strictly.

As talking about the grammatical errors, there was another friend who was also weak in English but was given excellent marks by checking loose. From that day, I realized not only in practical marks, but teachers can do up and down in theory marks as well. I bet if another teacher had checked his copy, he would have passed the examinations and another friend wouldn’t have secured excellent marks at any rate.

From this, we can clearly & deeply see and feel nepotism and favoritism in holy education field. Why? Why it exists in our schools/colleges/universities? We students are experiencing this very bitterly where we can only get unfairness and flattery.

The rise of ‘Nepotism’ & ‘Favoritism’ in educational institutes is a serious issue which could have a great influence or impact on the careers of the students. Some students are committing suicide due to not getting satisfied marks and some are prey of depression though they are fully capable to compete with why? This is because of nepotism and favoritism in educational institutes.

Especially, favoritism and nepotism occurs in two condition in the results.

  • When two competitors have gained almost same marks or same marks;
  • When the favorite student of teacher is about to fail & another repulsive student is about to pass.

Let me justify it properly. Suppose ‘A’ & ‘B’ are tough competitor to each other and both have secured almost same marks or same marks however teachers or examination board committee or any member thereof like ‘A’ than ‘B’ personally and makes first to ‘A’ and this process will go continually ahead. Consequently, due to Nepotism or favoritism ‘B’ will always remain second.

Secondly, when the favorite student of a teacher is about to fail the examinations, the teacher makes that student pass anyhow by checking copy loosely or applying another way. In same case, when an average student is about to secure pass marks, teachers make him fail by searching or showing many reasons. This is the bitter truth of our result system in education system.

These are only representative examples I presented here. I can loudly say that yes nepotism and favoritism are still existed in our educational institutes but the nature may be quite different from other areas.

Surprisingly, no one talks and raise voices openly and publicly about them in the schools/colleges/universities & that’s why they are spreading like dreadful viruses. I think it’s more dangerous to be a victim of Nepotism/favoritism in the educational institutes. We need to destroy them. So, my dear fellows speak out, raise your voice against it otherwise who knows tomorrow you might get suffered.

At last, as said by Robert Frost, if we are victim of Nepotism and Massively Favoritism in our education institutes, we shouldn’t lose our self-confidence at any cost. In other words, let’s convert problems we faced into opportunities.

(Gharti Maagar is currently a second semester student pursuing B.A.LL.B at Lumbini Buddhist University.)

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