299th Prithivi Jayanti and His Divine Counsel

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  • Keshav Gharti Magar.

I just woke up now and saw on the Hamro Patro(Application) about Prithvi Jayanti. I was unknown about today’s date until I saw the mobile. As today is Poush 27(The Great Unifier Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Birthday), It is the ecop-making and unforgettable day for us.

Well, today is 299th Prithvi Jayanti of late Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Every year on Poush 27, it is celebrated in various ways by many people or organizations across our country. He was a very farsighted King. He made smaller states into single state.

He is considered as the founder of modern Nepal & I strongly agree with the point. if he hadn’t unified the country, we would not be the citizens of Nepal. Because of his great role, Now, we have our own identification because our county has never remained under the colony of any world power. So, all the credit relating to making independent country goes to him.

Prithvi Narayan Shah was born on 27th Poush , 1779 B.S in Gorkha District & was the son of Narbhupal Shah & Kasualyawati Devi. He was the very efficient & ingenious leader. He unified 22/24 states into single Nepal.

He said “this is not the nation gained by my trifle efforts, this is the garden of all main castes and 36 sub castes, and may all be aware of this”. From this, we can straightforwardly predict that all the castes are equal & gave equal contributions at the time of unification.

At the age of 52, he felt weak & found sore on his body and passed away. At that time, he gave sermon to his brothers upto 9 days & later it was considered as Divyopadesh (Divine Counsel). As I have already mentioned that he was a farsighted as well as multi-dimensional figure, he had thought very long-lasting & far-sighted things for the nation.

He considered Nepal as a Yam between two boulders & suggested to keep good relationship with neighbouring countries i.e. China & India. Now you can see or observe the present condition or set-up of our country. Do we have good and balancing relationship between and with these two neighbouring countries? Of course, not. In fact, we are run by them somehow. It means we are not running in our own speed.

A normal chief army officer of neighbouring country can easily meet our prime minister & this is our true level right now. if our neighbouring do blockade for longtime, everything including politics may stop from top to bottom.

Frankly speaking, our rulers and administrators are suffering from inferiority complex for long. Why we are so weak and dependent on other or foreign countries? Slowly but in planned way, our neighbouring countries are squeezing our territories & we can’t do anything because we don’t have skillful & great leader like late king Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Most of our rulers and administrators are always on sale. So our country is not making progress as she should have done. Here we shouldn’t forget one thing that even Hitler said “ if I had Nepali soldiers, I would conquer the world.” the problem we are facing, the problem we are lagging back is all because of our stinky corrupt politicians and so called leaders.

In pursuance of his Dibyopadesh, taking bribe and giving bribe, both are the enemy of the nation. Even sin will ineffectual if we kill them. But today’s so called civilized generation particularly politicians and bureaucrats are filled with corruption.

From bottom level to top level people need money. Unethical and dishonest people sell everything for the sake of money. They don’t know how honesty and morality are. I don’t think there is any single sector where staffs don’t take bribe. Because of bribe, qualified peoples are back and in shadow and non-qualified peoples are in the front and are seen publicly.

Our leaders or administrators of every sector including politics to education plunged into corruption. Their family are spending and enjoying luxuries lives because of black money came from unethical work i.e. corruption.

In fact, corrupt leaders and administrators don’t see the degradation of country; they only see themselves i.e. their family, generation and relatives. They are busy in knocking down one another for the position. Sometimes I become very serious about the nation & sometimes I laugh by myself so hardly by their inexcusable behaviour. They go to foreign countries for minor checkup and spend country’s treasury & at the same time people from low class family are dying for not having enough money to buy cetamol. Our country’s situation right now is very maddening.

People from neighbouring countries are entering our country freely. They are running vehicles without any fear over here but our vehicles are not allowed to run in their countries. Why? Prithvi Narayan Shah has said that we should export herb, medicines to foreign country but we are doing inverse function. Even from crops to medicine we import from another country. Are we not capable enough to grow crops for all the peoples throughout the country?

All the things are being opposite as said by late Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Missing you a lot, I just want to say sorry. Me myself have not done anything from my side so far.

Great leaders like you have not been seen or come in front across our country yet. Everyone is seen like butchers. Almost all are busy in taking bribe and their position. You have done great contribution for the nation which can’t be replaced and forgotten at any cost. You will be remembered forever specially for those who are patriotic.

Today we are citizens of Nepal and this is all because of you. Many people feel insecure at times in this country because anything can be happened anytime here. In fact, I didn’t want to write these things. I am writing because I know my country and country’s leaders and administrators very well.

Today is your 299th birthday. People will do rally in the roads, various programs will be done or organized, most of the politicians representing their parties will act as memorizing you but nothing will change.

The country is full of sick and in coma. For recovery, we need great and patriotic leader like you but I know this is like a day dream which can’t be possible. Now it is time for me to go to college. At last your divine counsel some of which I love very much and are also very relevant in present scenario have been mentioned below:

“If the citizens are wealthy, the country is strong. The king’s storehouse is his people.”

“Let the king see that great justice is done. Let there be no injustice in our country. Justice is crippled when bribes are given and when bribes are taken.”

“Soldiers are the very marrow of the king”

“Do not let the merchants of Hinusthana come up from the border. If the merchants of India come to our country, they will make the people destitute.”

“When an old man dies, his words die with him, so they say. What you who are gathered here will hear from me, pass on to your children, and they to ours; and this kingdom will endure.”

(Gharti Magar is currently a second semester student pursuing B.A.LL.B at Lumbini Buddhist University.)

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